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Celestial Storm – Lethe

By Home

Celestial Storm

In the realm where mystic currents intertwine,
Lethe, the sorceress, weaves a dance divine.
A crystal orb, her conduit to the unseen, Channels energy, ethereal and serene.
Out of thin air, she summons power untold,
A dance of magic, a tale to unfold.
The atmosphere quivers with electrical might,
As Lethe commands the forces of the night.
Her fingers, like tendrils, grasp the arcane,
Drawing forth lightning, a celestial reign.
The crystal pulses with a mystical glow,
As energies swirl in a mesmerizing flow.
Bathing in the ecstasy of electric embrace,
Lethe surrenders to this cosmic grace.
A shower of energy, sensual and wild,
A symphony of magic, unrestrained and styled.
Arcane currents cascade, a sensuous tide,
As Lethe, in rapture, begins to glide.
Her silhouette dances, a silhouette of flame,
A sorceress, untamed, in the cosmic game.
The air crackles, charged with enchantment,
As Lethe, in reverie, transcends the present.
Her essence merges with the pulsating stream,
A sorceress’s dream, a mystical gleam.

Model: Lethe