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Crystal Nicole – Black and White (3)

By Fetish, Home

Crystal in Black White. Model: Crystal Nicole

Jenn Michelle – In Heels

By Fetish, Home

Jenn and her long shapely legs in heels. Model: Jenn Michelle

Jenn Michelle – Black Boots and Lingerie

By Fetish, Home

Black Boots and Lingerie. Model: Jenn Michelle

Crystal Nicole – Black Boots (11)

By Fetish, Home

Black Boots. Model: Crystal Nicole

Jenn Michelle – Red Boots and Thong

By Fetish, Home

Red Boots and Thong. Model: Jenn Michelle

Dom Girls – Sophia, Jenn, Crystal

By Fetish, Home

Dom Girls. Models: Sophia Jade, Jenn Michelle, Crystal Nicole

Jenn Michelle – Red Boots

By Fetish, Home

Red Boots. Model: Jenn Michelle

Sophia Jade – Masked Beauty

By Fetish, Home

Masked Beauty. Model: Sophia Jade

Jenn and Crystal – Fetish Zoo

By Fantasy, Home, Sci Fi

Jenn and Crystal – Fetish Zoo. Models: Jenn Michelle and Crystal Nicole

Alien eyes watch,

Earthlings in a mixed tableau,

Fetish Zoo’s strange show.

A Badass Trio

By Fetish, Home

A Badass Trio. Models: Jinx Spectere, Olinka Lickova, Kay Ace

Jenn Michelle – Outdoor Black Latex (9)

By Fetish, Home

Outdoor Black Latex. Model: Jenn Michelle

Ava May Blue Abstract (9)

By Home

Blue Abstract. Model: Ava May

Deep Earth Goddesses – Stevie, Lethe, and Jemstarlight Moon

By Goddesses, Home

Stevie Raquel, Lethe, and Jemstarlight Moon – Deep Earth Goddesses

Olinka Cage (7)

By Home

Nightmare – Jemstar Moon

By Home

A nightmarish experience of being trapped in a dark empty void based on an actual nightmare. Featuring Jemstarlight Moon. Model: Jemstarlight Moon

Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt (Video)

By Home, Video

Damnant Quod Non Intelligent

In shadows cast by the unlit corridors of knowing, They condemn what slips through fingers of comprehension, Words entwined in vines of uncertainty, Damnant Quod non intelligunt, the silent chant.
A labyrinth of misunderstood whispers, Confinement in the narrow alleys of judgment, Echoes reverberate in chambers of ignorance, The disoriented stumble on uneven ground.
Disaffection blooms in the garden of misapprehension, Petals of understanding fall, unclaimed, Faces etched with the weight of unspoken judgments, A disquieting tapestry woven with threads of conjecture.
Locked in the dungeon of shallow understanding, Truth stands as a specter, veiled and obscured, While minds strain against invisible tethers, Condemning the unfamiliar to the prison of dismissal.
In this landscape of fractured cognizance, They condemn the foreign, the uncharted, Yet beneath the surface of their certitudes, A sea of undiscovered worlds ebbs and flows.
Damnant Quod non intelligunt, a refrain of caution, For in the realm of the unknown lies the genesis, Of compassion untold, of bridges unbuilt, Where understanding might yet unfurl its wings.

Olinka Strapped Up

By Home

Olinka Lickova looking sexy in her black strap halter.