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Crystal A and Amelie Belain – Fundamentals of Knowing

By Fantasy, Goddesses, Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Fundamentals of Knowing. Models: Crystal, Amelie Belain

Fundamentals of Knowing
In the vast expanse of existence, we journey through realms of knowing and feeling, where truth and beauty intertwine, and understanding resides at the core level of meaning.
To know is to grasp the essence, to unravel the mysteries that cloak reality in veils of uncertainty. Yet, knowing alone is but a fragment of the whole, for it is in feeling that we truly comprehend the depths of existence. Feeling transcends the boundaries of logic, plunging us into the ocean of emotions where the currents of passion and empathy flow.
Truth, like a beacon in the night, guides our path through the labyrinth of life. It is the unwavering light that illuminates the darkness, revealing the contours of reality with unwavering clarity. Yet, truth is not always what it seems, for beauty often lies in the eye of the beholder, casting a veil of subjectivity over the objective world.
In the symphony of existence, understanding resonates as the melody that binds all things together. It is the harmonious chord that unites knowing and feeling, weaving a tapestry of meaning that transcends the limitations of language and perception. At the core level of understanding, we find the essence of our being, the pulsating rhythm of life that beats within us all.
Love, like a wildfire, consumes the soul with its fierce intensity, engulfing us in its warmth and light. To feel love deeply is to surrender to its transformative power, to be swept away on the currents of passion and desire. Yet, love is also a delicate flower, vulnerable to the harsh winds of indifference and neglect.
And then there is the absence of feeling, the void that echoes with silence and emptiness. To not feel at all is to wander through the desert of existence, thirsting for the nourishment that only emotion can provide. It is a cold and barren landscape, where even the stars seem to have lost their sparkle.
In the tapestry of life, knowing and feeling, truth and beauty, understanding and love intertwine, each thread weaving its own unique pattern into the fabric of existence. And though we may stumble along the way, lost in the labyrinth of our own emotions, we are always guided by the light of truth and the warmth of love, leading us ever closer to the core of meaning.

Fairy Ass

By Fantasy, Home

Fairy Ass. Model: Amelie Belain

Nameless and hidden
In shadows of a shadow
Fairy Ass shines pure

Highway Encounter

By Home

Highway Encounter on a Cloudy Night Models: Olinka Lickova, Amelie Belain @amelie_belain @na5tyninja Not sure what exactly is happening here; I’m just documenting what pops into my subconscious id. Seems to be some kind of alien encounter, post-probe.

Ancient Alien Cathedral

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Ancient Alien Cathedral. Models: Crystal A, Amelie Belain

Amelie Belain – Seductive Gypsy

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Seductive gypsy in her vardo. Model: Amelie Belain

Amelie Belain Posing on Table (10)

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Posing on a Table. Model: Amelie Belain

Amelie Belain Dock Nudes (7)

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Dock Nudes – Model: Amelie Belain

Late Arrival (3)

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Late Arrival – Model: Amelie Belain, Crystal A

Lady of the Cottage (4)

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Lady of the Cottage – Model: Amelie Belain

Feet Play – Crystal and Loiis

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Feet Play. Models: Crystal A and Loiis

Fashion Show – Loiis (2)

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Fashion Show Model: Loiis

A Tangle of Limbs – Loiis and Olinka

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

A tangle of limbs. Models: Olinka Lickova and Loiis a.k.a. Amelie Belain

Smoke and Shadows – Loiis and Crystal

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Smoke and Shadows. Models: Crystal Allen and Loiis a.k.a. Amelie Belain

Heavenly Dream in Green (2)

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Heavenly Dream in Green. Models: Crystal Allen and Loiis a.k.a. Amelie Belain

Dance of Exploration and Seduction (8)

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Two young beautiful women explore their bodies visually, through movement, and by touch. Models: Loiis and Olinka Lickova