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Inna BG – Voidscape

By Fantasy, Home, Rabbit Holes

Voidscape. Model: Inna BG

Crystal in Congregation of Potato People

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Crystal in Congregation of Potato People. Model: Crystal A

Church of the Potato People

In the Church of the Tuber, where spuds convene,

A congregation of potato people, a sight unseen.

Their eyes, like russet orbs, fixed on the sacred ground,

As they gather in reverence, in silence profound.

Starch-filled hearts beat in unison, a tater’s devotion,

In pews of mashed delight, a tuberous emotion.

The pulpit adorned with skins, a priestly spud ascends,

Preaching the gospel of the harvest, where the potato life transcends.

But amid the devout, a stranger unknown,

A beauty in disguise, a presence all her own.

She, an outsider, a radiant yam,

In the sea of potatoes, a singular glam.

Her skin, a golden hue, not of earthly soil,

A sweet fragrance of difference, a celestial foil.

Yet, she hides among them, a secret delight,

In the congregation’s eyes, a clandestine light.

The potato people, unaware of her grace,

Continue their worship in the starchy space.

But the outsider listens, absorbing their prayer,

In the silence of tubers, a connection rare.

As the sermon concludes, and the congregation disbands,

The outsider reveals herself, a rose in the lands.

The potatoes, astonished, yet welcoming still,

In this diverse church, love trumps the thrill.

For in the Church of the Tuber, diversity blooms,

In the richness of differences, unity looms.

Potato people and yams, together they stand,

In the spud-filled sanctuary, hand in hand.

Destiny’s Naked Nightmare

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Nude in Public Nightmare Model: Destiny

Destiny’s Naked Nightmare

In the realm of midnight’s haunting veil,

Destiny, stripped bare, wanders frail.

Through streets unknown, a surreal domain,

A nightmare’s grip, a relentless chain.

Naked truth adrift in shadows’ keep,

A city unfamiliar, lost in sleep.

Whispers of forgotten tales entwine,

As Destiny treads through the ghostly line.

Moonlit alleys, cobblestone dreams,

Echoes of silence, or so it seems.

Mysterious faces leer from the shade,

In the abandoned city, where fears cascade.

Twisted figures with eyes unknown,

Their gazes pierce through flesh and bone.

A carnival of the bizarre, a midnight parade,

Destiny’s essence on display, betrayed.

Lurking in corners, figures bizarre,

Dancing with shadows, beneath the stars.

Wraiths and phantoms, specters unkind,

In the surreal recesses of Destiny’s mind.

The city breathes, an entity obscure,

As Destiny stumbles, unsure.

Her footprints echo in deserted streets,

A symphony of solitude, where destiny meets.

The clock strikes midnight, a haunting chime,

As Destiny navigates the corridors of time.

Naked vulnerability in the moonlight,

A captive in her own nightmare’s spite.

Through this desolate city, she roams,

A captive soul in the cosmic catacombs.

Yet, in the heart of this dream-like despair,

Destiny seeks escape, a silent prayer.

In the labyrinth of the mind, she’s confined,

A dreamer lost in the corridors of the mind.

In the strange, surreal city, where shadows play,

Destiny yearns for the light of a new day.

Kay Ace and Olinka Lickova – Fire Pit Dance

By Home

Crappy yet haunting still frame from a video to (hopefully) be completed soon.” Models: Kay Ace and Olinka Lickova

Psycho Bubble Still

By Home

Still from the upcoming short video “Psycho Bubble.” Model: Destiny

Nightmare Hotel – Olinka

By Home

Nightmare Hotel. Models: Olinka Lickova, Destiny

Dr. Caligari’s Hall of Nightmares and Dreams

By Home

Hall of Nightmares and dreams of Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with @holesofdestiny

Nightmare – Jemstar Moon

By Home

A nightmarish experience of being trapped in a dark empty void based on an actual nightmare. Featuring Jemstarlight Moon. Model: Jemstarlight Moon

Inferno Salutation

By Goddesses, Home, Video

Inferno Salutation

In twilight’s grasp, two maidens fair, Virgins pure, in whispered air.

Above the flames, a ritual dance, Salutations woven in fiery trance.

Gentle flickers, embers rise, Reflections gleam in fervent eyes.

Innocence draped in sacred shroud, They tread on ground, the unhallowed crowd.

Around the pyre, secrets untold, Mystic whispers, a tale unfolds.

A dance of spirits, shadows cast, In the smoldering fire, memories amassed.

Gowned in white, a celestial grace, They twirl and weave in sacred space.

Each step a hymn, a silent prayer, In the inferno, destiny they share.

The flames, they hunger, lapping higher, Anointing the ritual with mystical fire.

Sacrifice made on this sacred night, Two souls ablaze, their spirits take flight.

As embers ascend in the ethereal night, The virgin women merge with the light.

Consumed by flames, a transcendental pyre, They become one with the celestial choir.

In the stillness, the smoldering glow, The remnants of souls, an afterglow.

A dance immortal, in the fire’s embrace, Two virgin spirits, leaving earthly trace.


Dancers: Jenn Michelle and Crystal Nicole


Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt (Video)

By Home, Video

Damnant Quod Non Intelligent

In shadows cast by the unlit corridors of knowing, They condemn what slips through fingers of comprehension, Words entwined in vines of uncertainty, Damnant Quod non intelligunt, the silent chant.
A labyrinth of misunderstood whispers, Confinement in the narrow alleys of judgment, Echoes reverberate in chambers of ignorance, The disoriented stumble on uneven ground.
Disaffection blooms in the garden of misapprehension, Petals of understanding fall, unclaimed, Faces etched with the weight of unspoken judgments, A disquieting tapestry woven with threads of conjecture.
Locked in the dungeon of shallow understanding, Truth stands as a specter, veiled and obscured, While minds strain against invisible tethers, Condemning the unfamiliar to the prison of dismissal.
In this landscape of fractured cognizance, They condemn the foreign, the uncharted, Yet beneath the surface of their certitudes, A sea of undiscovered worlds ebbs and flows.
Damnant Quod non intelligunt, a refrain of caution, For in the realm of the unknown lies the genesis, Of compassion untold, of bridges unbuilt, Where understanding might yet unfurl its wings.

Nightmare #4 Jemstar Moon

By Home

A nightmarish experience of being trapped in a dark empty void based on an actual nightmare. Featuring Jemstarlight Moon.

Nightmare #3 Jemstarlight Moon

By Home

A nightmarish experience of being trapped in a dark empty void based on an actual nightmare. Featuring Jemstarlight Moon.