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Eva – Beauty and Epistemology

By Fantasy, Goddesses, Home, Nature au Naturel

Beauty and Epistemology. Model: Eva

In the dance of shadows and light, Epistemology finds its flight,
In the whisper of a breeze’s sigh, Beauty’s truth begins to vie.
For what is known, what we perceive, In beauty’s embrace, we believe,
Through every curve and line, we seek, A deeper truth, a wisdom unique.
In the bloom of a rose, the sweep of a plain, Epistemology’s quest begins its refrain,
For beauty’s essence, elusive, profound, In its mystery, meaning is found.
Through the eyes of the beholder, it lies, Epistemology and beauty’s ties,
In the search for understanding, we roam, In the heart of beauty, we find home.

Eva – Jungle Woman (21)

By Home, Nature au Naturel

Jungle Woman. Model: Eva

Eva – More in the Sauna (14)

By Home

Sauna. Model: Eva

More from a photo shoot I did with this lovely Russian from St. Petersburg. Interesting story–a cautionary tale for you photographers. We had done about three hours of shooting, including some dance videos to some of my music, before going to the sauna. I checked what we had done up until then and everything looked great! I shot her while she was relaxing in the hot sauna and all was looking good. When we finished, however, all the photos and footage for the day was gone! Completely wiped out! I was devastated. I figured that maybe I had gotten too close to the heating element in the sauna and it gave off a powerful magnetic field that wiped out the memory card in my camera. But while I was face down on the ground, beating my fists against the floor in anguish, Eva was a real trooper and said, “There’s no use crying about it, we just have to shoot everything again.” So we did. And everything actually came out better the second time around! Model: Eva

Eva – Dancer in White Sarong (18)

By Home

Factory Women #1

By Home

Factory Women #1 – Women at Work. Models: Rachel Lily, Eva, and Olinka Lickova.

Red Dancer – Eva

By Home

Eva – Sauna (3)

By Home

The lovely and athletic Eva relaxing in the sauna. Model: Eva

Eva Red Dancer (5)

By Home

Veils of Reality – Carissa and Eva

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia