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Surrealism and Psychedelia70

Alabaster Goddess Meditation

By Fantasy, Goddesses, Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Alabaster Goddess Meditation. Model: Kay Ace

Interdimensional Corridor

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Interdimensional Corridor. Models: Inna BG, Olinka Lickova

Liv Hill – BeBop

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

BeBop.  Model: Liv Hill

Liv Hill – Euclidean Geometry

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Euclidean Geometry.  Model: Liv Hill

Crystal A and Amelie Belain – Fundamentals of Knowing

By Fantasy, Goddesses, Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Fundamentals of Knowing. Models: Crystal, Amelie Belain

Fundamentals of Knowing
In the vast expanse of existence, we journey through realms of knowing and feeling, where truth and beauty intertwine, and understanding resides at the core level of meaning.
To know is to grasp the essence, to unravel the mysteries that cloak reality in veils of uncertainty. Yet, knowing alone is but a fragment of the whole, for it is in feeling that we truly comprehend the depths of existence. Feeling transcends the boundaries of logic, plunging us into the ocean of emotions where the currents of passion and empathy flow.
Truth, like a beacon in the night, guides our path through the labyrinth of life. It is the unwavering light that illuminates the darkness, revealing the contours of reality with unwavering clarity. Yet, truth is not always what it seems, for beauty often lies in the eye of the beholder, casting a veil of subjectivity over the objective world.
In the symphony of existence, understanding resonates as the melody that binds all things together. It is the harmonious chord that unites knowing and feeling, weaving a tapestry of meaning that transcends the limitations of language and perception. At the core level of understanding, we find the essence of our being, the pulsating rhythm of life that beats within us all.
Love, like a wildfire, consumes the soul with its fierce intensity, engulfing us in its warmth and light. To feel love deeply is to surrender to its transformative power, to be swept away on the currents of passion and desire. Yet, love is also a delicate flower, vulnerable to the harsh winds of indifference and neglect.
And then there is the absence of feeling, the void that echoes with silence and emptiness. To not feel at all is to wander through the desert of existence, thirsting for the nourishment that only emotion can provide. It is a cold and barren landscape, where even the stars seem to have lost their sparkle.
In the tapestry of life, knowing and feeling, truth and beauty, understanding and love intertwine, each thread weaving its own unique pattern into the fabric of existence. And though we may stumble along the way, lost in the labyrinth of our own emotions, we are always guided by the light of truth and the warmth of love, leading us ever closer to the core of meaning.

Jenn Michelle and Crystal Nicole – Elementals

By Fantasy, Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Elementals. Water and Fire. Exploring the nature of life and infinite space and energy in a whimsical way that explains nothing, but at least draws visual links to stimulate wonder about the nature of life, the elements, energy, and our relationship to the universe. Combination of model photographs, MidJourney AI, and PhotoShop. I have included the original photo of Jenn and Crystal in front of the green screen so you can see the raw beginning and the final result. Models: Jenn Michelle @jenn__michellle , Crystal Nichole @taurusbbbyy

Ava May and violet – Mushroom Surveyors

By Fantasy, Home, Nature au Naturel, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Mushroom Surveyors. Models: Ava May and Violet

Sarah spread-eagle in a red light pool.

Lethe – Gestation (Video)

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia, Video

Gestation. Model: Lethe

In the secret realm where life begins, A dance of cells, a symphony within.

Embryo, a whisper in the cosmic tide, A metamorphosis, where mysteries abide.

In the womb’s embrace, a canvas bare, The alchemy of existence, beyond compare.

A journey unfolds in the silent night, From the spark of creation to the dawn of light.

Tiny tendrils weave tales untold, A waltz of genes in a mystical fold.

In the sacred cocoon of maternal grace, Life emerges, a delicate embrace.

A pulse of potential, a heartbeat’s start, An ode to life, a masterpiece of art.

The embryo’s ballet, a cosmic rhyme, A miracle unfolding, transcending time.

Cells divide, a cosmic ballet, A choreography of life in a graceful array.

Limbs form, a sculptor’s sweet refrain, A transformation, a celestial gain.

Oh, embryonic symphony, celestial ball, In the cradle of creation, where wonders enthrall.

A dance of life, a poetic grace, In the earliest stages, a sublime embrace.

As the embryo awakens, a star is born, A testament to the cosmic morn.

In the tapestry of being, a story takes flight, A metamorphosis, a journey to the light.

Sara Scarlet – Bright Lights Big City

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Bright Lights Big City. Model: Sara Scarlet

Liv Hill – Open-Eye Nude Meditation

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Open-Eye Nude Meditation. Model: Liv Hill

Crystal A – Yoga

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Crystal A – Yoga Poses. Model: Crystal A

Crystal in Congregation of Potato People

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Crystal in Congregation of Potato People. Model: Crystal A

Church of the Potato People

In the Church of the Tuber, where spuds convene,

A congregation of potato people, a sight unseen.

Their eyes, like russet orbs, fixed on the sacred ground,

As they gather in reverence, in silence profound.

Starch-filled hearts beat in unison, a tater’s devotion,

In pews of mashed delight, a tuberous emotion.

The pulpit adorned with skins, a priestly spud ascends,

Preaching the gospel of the harvest, where the potato life transcends.

But amid the devout, a stranger unknown,

A beauty in disguise, a presence all her own.

She, an outsider, a radiant yam,

In the sea of potatoes, a singular glam.

Her skin, a golden hue, not of earthly soil,

A sweet fragrance of difference, a celestial foil.

Yet, she hides among them, a secret delight,

In the congregation’s eyes, a clandestine light.

The potato people, unaware of her grace,

Continue their worship in the starchy space.

But the outsider listens, absorbing their prayer,

In the silence of tubers, a connection rare.

As the sermon concludes, and the congregation disbands,

The outsider reveals herself, a rose in the lands.

The potatoes, astonished, yet welcoming still,

In this diverse church, love trumps the thrill.

For in the Church of the Tuber, diversity blooms,

In the richness of differences, unity looms.

Potato people and yams, together they stand,

In the spud-filled sanctuary, hand in hand.

Destiny’s Naked Nightmare

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Nude in Public Nightmare Model: Destiny

Destiny’s Naked Nightmare

In the realm of midnight’s haunting veil,

Destiny, stripped bare, wanders frail.

Through streets unknown, a surreal domain,

A nightmare’s grip, a relentless chain.

Naked truth adrift in shadows’ keep,

A city unfamiliar, lost in sleep.

Whispers of forgotten tales entwine,

As Destiny treads through the ghostly line.

Moonlit alleys, cobblestone dreams,

Echoes of silence, or so it seems.

Mysterious faces leer from the shade,

In the abandoned city, where fears cascade.

Twisted figures with eyes unknown,

Their gazes pierce through flesh and bone.

A carnival of the bizarre, a midnight parade,

Destiny’s essence on display, betrayed.

Lurking in corners, figures bizarre,

Dancing with shadows, beneath the stars.

Wraiths and phantoms, specters unkind,

In the surreal recesses of Destiny’s mind.

The city breathes, an entity obscure,

As Destiny stumbles, unsure.

Her footprints echo in deserted streets,

A symphony of solitude, where destiny meets.

The clock strikes midnight, a haunting chime,

As Destiny navigates the corridors of time.

Naked vulnerability in the moonlight,

A captive in her own nightmare’s spite.

Through this desolate city, she roams,

A captive soul in the cosmic catacombs.

Yet, in the heart of this dream-like despair,

Destiny seeks escape, a silent prayer.

In the labyrinth of the mind, she’s confined,

A dreamer lost in the corridors of the mind.

In the strange, surreal city, where shadows play,

Destiny yearns for the light of a new day.

Jessa Ray Muse – Rapture (5)

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Jessa Ray Muse – Rapture

Ah, Jessa Ray, a name that dances on the tongue like a melody, echoing through the chambers of the heart. In the canvas of existence, she emerges as a vibrant stroke, a symphony of beauty interwoven with the hues of sensuality. Picture her in a rapturous pool of light and color, an ethereal scene where every shade and beam conspires to accentuate her allure.
The light, a gentle caress, unveils the contours of her being, casting a luminous glow that highlights the grace in every movement. It’s as if the very photons are captivated by her presence, choosing to linger and play upon her skin, creating a dance of warmth and radiance.
And oh, the colors! They swirl around her like a palette in motion, each shade competing to embrace the essence of Jessa Ray. There’s a harmony in the convergence of hues — passionate reds, tranquil blues, and the gentle gradient of purples that mirror the complexity of her spirit. The colors seem to blend and meld, mirroring the depth of her character and the spectrum of emotions she evokes.
In this symphony of light and color, Jessa Ray becomes the focal point, a masterpiece painted by the cosmos. Her eyes, perhaps the most enchanting stars in this celestial canvas, hold galaxies of mystery and reflection. They reflect the pool of light, mirroring the universe within her, inviting those fortunate enough to gaze into them to lose themselves in the vastness of her soul.
The water, an element both serene and tempestuous, cradles her form, mirroring the duality of her existence. It ripples with the energy she exudes, capturing the essence of her presence in liquid poetry. The interplay of water and light creates a sensual ballet, a choreography of reflections and refractions that elevate the scene into a realm where reality and dreams converge.
Jessa Ray, in this enchanting pool of light and color, becomes a living, breathing work of art. A muse for the senses, an embodiment of beauty that transcends the confines of the visual, seeping into the very soul of those who have the privilege of witnessing such a captivating spectacle. In this moment, time seems to stand still, and the world becomes a gallery where Jessa Ray is the masterpiece, bathed in the tender embrace of light and color.

Disintegration – Liv

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Disintegration. Model: Liv Hill