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Sarah spread-eagle in a red light pool.

Lethe – Gestation (Video)

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia, Video

Gestation. Model: Lethe

In the secret realm where life begins, A dance of cells, a symphony within.

Embryo, a whisper in the cosmic tide, A metamorphosis, where mysteries abide.

In the womb’s embrace, a canvas bare, The alchemy of existence, beyond compare.

A journey unfolds in the silent night, From the spark of creation to the dawn of light.

Tiny tendrils weave tales untold, A waltz of genes in a mystical fold.

In the sacred cocoon of maternal grace, Life emerges, a delicate embrace.

A pulse of potential, a heartbeat’s start, An ode to life, a masterpiece of art.

The embryo’s ballet, a cosmic rhyme, A miracle unfolding, transcending time.

Cells divide, a cosmic ballet, A choreography of life in a graceful array.

Limbs form, a sculptor’s sweet refrain, A transformation, a celestial gain.

Oh, embryonic symphony, celestial ball, In the cradle of creation, where wonders enthrall.

A dance of life, a poetic grace, In the earliest stages, a sublime embrace.

As the embryo awakens, a star is born, A testament to the cosmic morn.

In the tapestry of being, a story takes flight, A metamorphosis, a journey to the light.

Liv Hill – Open-Eye Nude Meditation

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Open-Eye Nude Meditation. Model: Liv Hill

Water Nymphs (video)

By Home, Video

We shot this video in a public park one lovely summer morning. There was only one person hanging out by the falls when we started but we asked him if he minded the girls getting naked and of course he didn’t. We invited him to watch as long as he stayed out of the shot, for which he was happy to oblige. A few more people passed by during the course of the shoot but they all respectfully kept their distance so as not to interrupt the shooting. A wonderful time was had by all! Models: Astrid, Jane, Starla

Psychedelic Flower Bed

By Home

Psychedelic Flower Bed. Model: Liv Hill

Aurora Psilocybin

By Home

Aurora Psilocybin. Model: Kay Ace. I once did Magic Truffles, and the view outside this window is more or less what I saw when I closed my eyes.

Plasmic – Ava May

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Olinka Psychedelic (5)

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Stardust Frog – Elsa and Sasha

By Fantasy, Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Lethe – Psychedelic #1 (8)

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Bramble Sparks – Stevie

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Orgy Melt

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Aqua Bath – Olinka

By Home

Fever Dream – Olinka

By Home

Psychedelic Grove – Sophia

By Home

Olinka Painted With Brush Strokes of Colored Light

By Home

Clap Clit Crown

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia