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Sarah spread-eagle in a red light pool.

Lethe – Gestation (Video)

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia, Video

Gestation. Model: Lethe

In the secret realm where life begins, A dance of cells, a symphony within.

Embryo, a whisper in the cosmic tide, A metamorphosis, where mysteries abide.

In the womb’s embrace, a canvas bare, The alchemy of existence, beyond compare.

A journey unfolds in the silent night, From the spark of creation to the dawn of light.

Tiny tendrils weave tales untold, A waltz of genes in a mystical fold.

In the sacred cocoon of maternal grace, Life emerges, a delicate embrace.

A pulse of potential, a heartbeat’s start, An ode to life, a masterpiece of art.

The embryo’s ballet, a cosmic rhyme, A miracle unfolding, transcending time.

Cells divide, a cosmic ballet, A choreography of life in a graceful array.

Limbs form, a sculptor’s sweet refrain, A transformation, a celestial gain.

Oh, embryonic symphony, celestial ball, In the cradle of creation, where wonders enthrall.

A dance of life, a poetic grace, In the earliest stages, a sublime embrace.

As the embryo awakens, a star is born, A testament to the cosmic morn.

In the tapestry of being, a story takes flight, A metamorphosis, a journey to the light.

Lethe – Warrior

By Fantasy, Home

Lethe in war paint practicing her spear technique. Model: Lethe

Lethe – Fire Nymph (11)

By Goddesses, Home, Nature au Naturel

There is a primordial magic that happens when naked and moving sensuously around a fire at night.  Model: Lethe

“Dancing Naked: A Sacred Connection to Nature’s Rhythm”

Introduction: Dancing naked around an open fire in the heart of a forest may seem unconventional to some, but for those who have experienced it, this ritualistic practice holds profound spiritual benefits and has transformative effects on the psyche. Rooted in ancient traditions and embraced by various cultures, this primal form of expression connects individuals to nature in a way that transcends the boundaries of modern societal norms.

1. Reconnection with Nature: Dancing naked in a forest around an open fire is an immersive experience that fosters a deep reconnection with the natural world. Stripping away the constraints of clothing allows individuals to feel the earth beneath their feet, the wind on their skin, and the flames reflecting in their eyes. This primal connection with nature can lead to a heightened sense of awareness and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living things.

2. Liberation of the Self: The act of dancing naked carries a symbolic weight, representing the liberation of the self from societal expectations and constraints. As the flickering flames cast shadows on the naked bodies, individuals often report a sense of vulnerability turning into empowerment. Shedding layers of clothing becomes a metaphor for shedding societal expectations, allowing individuals to embrace their authentic selves without judgment.

3. Release of Inhibitions: In the midst of a forest, surrounded by the primal elements, participants often experience a release of inhibitions. The rhythmic dance around the fire becomes a form of self-expression, a way to release pent-up emotions, and a celebration of the human body in its most natural state. This uninhibited expression can lead to a sense of emotional catharsis, leaving participants feeling lighter and more connected to their true selves.

4. Connection with the Elements: Dancing around an open fire at night in a forest allows individuals to connect with the elements on a visceral level. The warmth of the fire, the cool breeze, the rustling leaves, and the ambient sounds of the forest all contribute to a multisensory experience that transcends the everyday. This elemental connection is often described as a spiritual journey, aligning participants with the cyclical rhythms of nature.

5. Spiritual Transcendence: The combination of the natural setting, the rhythmic dance, and the communal energy often leads to a sense of spiritual transcendence. Participants report feeling a oneness with the universe, a deep connection to the spiritual essence of life, and a profound sense of inner peace. The open fire serves as a focal point for meditation and reflection, fostering a spiritual experience that transcends the boundaries of organized religion.

Conclusion: Dancing naked around an open fire in a forest is a practice deeply rooted in our ancestral history, and its spiritual benefits on the psyche are as relevant today as they were in ancient times. This ritual offers a unique opportunity for individuals to reconnect with nature, liberate themselves from societal constraints, release inhibitions, connect with the elements, and experience a profound sense of spiritual transcendence. As unconventional as it may seem, this primal dance serves as a reminder that our roots are intertwined with the natural world, and by embracing our primal instincts, we can find a deeper connection to the essence of our being.

Fire Nymph

In the realm where shadows entwine with desire, There dances Lethe, a nymph of wild fire. Beneath the cloak of night, in the greenish moon’s glow, Her silhouette weaves a tale, a sensuous shadow.
Naked, she is, draped in moonlight’s embrace, A celestial ballet, a dance of grace. Around the fire’s glow, a primal ballet, Lethe whirls and sways, lost in night’s ballet.
The firelight flickers, a conspirator in sin, Casting its glow on Lethe’s silken skin. Each curve, a promise, in the night’s soft caress, A dance of longing, a tempting duress.
Wild and untamed, her movements a spell, As if she’s enchanting the very flames as well. The greenish moonlight, a voyeur in the sky, Seduces her form, as she dances, oh, so high.
In the rhythm of embers, in the crackle and hiss, Lethe twirls and tempts, in moonlight’s sweet kiss. Her hair, a cascade of shadows, in the fire’s flickering dance, A symphony of passion, a moonlit romance.
The flames, like fingers, reach out to trace, The contours of Lethe, in the night’s secret space. She surrenders to the fire, a willing devotee, Dancing on the edge of passion’s decree.
The greenish moonlight, a witness to the affair, As Lethe’s dance becomes a whispered prayer. In this nocturnal sanctuary, where desire is the choir, Lethe spins and swirls, a nymph of wild fire.

Fairies Floating in a Kaleidoscopic Forest – Lethe

By Fantasy, Home

Fairies Floating in a Kaleidoscopic Forest Model: Lethe

Lethe – Angelic Horde

By Home

Lethe floating above a massive horde of angels. Model: Lethe

Midnight Romp of the Fairies at Moon Monkey Pond

By Fantasy, Home

Midnight romp of the fairies at Moon Monkey Pond. Model: Lethe


Deep Earth Goddesses – Stevie, Lethe, and Jemstarlight Moon

By Goddesses, Home

Stevie Raquel, Lethe, and Jemstarlight Moon – Deep Earth Goddesses

Lethe – The Event

By Home, Sci Fi

Lethe – The Event

Sea Nymphs

By Home

Sea Nymphs – An underwater fantasy of beautiful nudes and fantastical oceanic plant-like creatures. Model: Lethe

Little Forest Nymph Dancer – Lethe

By Fantasy, Home, Nature au Naturel

A nude forest nymph dancer in an enchanted forest.

Forest Nymph Portrait – Lethe

By Fantasy, Home

A classical portrait of Lethe as a wood nymph in an enchanted forest. Model: Lethe

Lethe – Orb

By Goddesses, Home

Lethe – Moon

By Home