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By Home

Trinity. Models: Sophia Jade, Jenn Michelle, Crystal Nicole

Dark Forest Witch – Eva

By Home

Dark Forest Witch. Model: Eva

Inferno Salutation

By Goddesses, Home, Video

Inferno Salutation

In twilight’s grasp, two maidens fair, Virgins pure, in whispered air.

Above the flames, a ritual dance, Salutations woven in fiery trance.

Gentle flickers, embers rise, Reflections gleam in fervent eyes.

Innocence draped in sacred shroud, They tread on ground, the unhallowed crowd.

Around the pyre, secrets untold, Mystic whispers, a tale unfolds.

A dance of spirits, shadows cast, In the smoldering fire, memories amassed.

Gowned in white, a celestial grace, They twirl and weave in sacred space.

Each step a hymn, a silent prayer, In the inferno, destiny they share.

The flames, they hunger, lapping higher, Anointing the ritual with mystical fire.

Sacrifice made on this sacred night, Two souls ablaze, their spirits take flight.

As embers ascend in the ethereal night, The virgin women merge with the light.

Consumed by flames, a transcendental pyre, They become one with the celestial choir.

In the stillness, the smoldering glow, The remnants of souls, an afterglow.

A dance immortal, in the fire’s embrace, Two virgin spirits, leaving earthly trace.


Dancers: Jenn Michelle and Crystal Nicole


Snow Dance on Mountain Lake (Video)

By Home, Video

Snow Dance on Mountain Lake

On a moonlit night atop the frost-kissed peaks, a clandestine coven of snow witches gathered by the edge of a frozen mountain lake. The air crackled with the anticipation of magic as they encircled the shimmering ice.

Barefoot and barely clad in flowing black attire that seemed to defy the biting cold, the witches began their ritualistic dance. Spirals of enchantment twirled around them as they moved with unrestrained grace, casting spells upon the icy surface beneath their feet.

The pale moon witnessed their provocative dance, the flickering shadows playing on the glistening snow. The witches’ laughter echoed through the frozen expanse, and their dark silhouettes swirled in a hypnotic rhythm. The chill of the night seemed to bow before their bewitching energy.

As the music of their spells intensified, a light snow began to fall, delicately gracing their raven tresses. The flakes adorned them like crystalline jewelry, adding an ethereal quality to their wild celebration.

The lake mirrored the spectacle, its frozen surface reflecting the swirling vortex of magic that enveloped the witches. Unfazed by the freezing temperatures, they reveled in the elemental dance, creating a spectacle that blended the magical and the sensual.

The mountain itself seemed to hold its breath, captivated by the enchanting display unfolding on its slopes. And so, beneath the veil of falling snow and the watchful gaze of the moon, the coven of snow witches continued their wild, otherworldly celebration, leaving behind whispers of mystery and magic in the crisp mountain air.

Dancer: Christina Johnson