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skinny dipping

Water Nymphs (17)

By Home, Nature au Naturel

Stills from a video shoot in a public park one lovely summer morning. There was only one person hanging out by the falls when we started but we asked him if he minded the girls getting naked and of course he didn’t. We invited him to watch as long as he stayed out of the shot, for which he was happy to oblige. A few more people passed by during the course of the shoot but they all respectfully kept their distance so as not to interrupt the shooting. A wonderful time was had by all! Models: Astrid, Jane, Starla

Mira Pond

By Home

Back to the Garden

By Home

BTS – Crystal Nicole and Jenn Michelle (9)

By Between the Scenes, Home

Crystal and Jenn taking selfies on the dock. Models: Crystal Nicole and Jenn Michelle