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Jenn Michelle and Crystal Nicole – Stormy Skies

By Fantasy, Home, Rabbit Holes

Stormy Skies.  Models: Crystal Nicole @taurusbbbyy Jenn Michelle @jenn__michellle

Sara Scarlet – Bright Lights Big City

By Home, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Bright Lights Big City. Model: Sara Scarlet

Destiny’s Naked Nightmare

By Home, Rabbit Holes, Surrealism and Psychedelia

Nude in Public Nightmare Model: Destiny

Destiny’s Naked Nightmare

In the realm of midnight’s haunting veil,

Destiny, stripped bare, wanders frail.

Through streets unknown, a surreal domain,

A nightmare’s grip, a relentless chain.

Naked truth adrift in shadows’ keep,

A city unfamiliar, lost in sleep.

Whispers of forgotten tales entwine,

As Destiny treads through the ghostly line.

Moonlit alleys, cobblestone dreams,

Echoes of silence, or so it seems.

Mysterious faces leer from the shade,

In the abandoned city, where fears cascade.

Twisted figures with eyes unknown,

Their gazes pierce through flesh and bone.

A carnival of the bizarre, a midnight parade,

Destiny’s essence on display, betrayed.

Lurking in corners, figures bizarre,

Dancing with shadows, beneath the stars.

Wraiths and phantoms, specters unkind,

In the surreal recesses of Destiny’s mind.

The city breathes, an entity obscure,

As Destiny stumbles, unsure.

Her footprints echo in deserted streets,

A symphony of solitude, where destiny meets.

The clock strikes midnight, a haunting chime,

As Destiny navigates the corridors of time.

Naked vulnerability in the moonlight,

A captive in her own nightmare’s spite.

Through this desolate city, she roams,

A captive soul in the cosmic catacombs.

Yet, in the heart of this dream-like despair,

Destiny seeks escape, a silent prayer.

In the labyrinth of the mind, she’s confined,

A dreamer lost in the corridors of the mind.

In the strange, surreal city, where shadows play,

Destiny yearns for the light of a new day.

Olinka Lickova – Cemetery Twilight (18)

By Home

Olinka posing among gravestones in an old cemetery at twilight. Model: Olinka Lickova

Jane Astrid Starla B&W Portrait

By Home

Jane Astrid Starla Waterfall

By Home

Jane, Astrid, and Starla relaxing nude in a cool waterfall on a hot summer day. This was a public park and even though it was a weekday morning without many visitors, a few passersby did get quite an eyeful!

Eva Nude Dock

By Home

The lovely Eva relaxing nude on the dock at Moon Monkey Pond. Model: Eva