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A Goddess Dances in the Meadow. Dancer: Christina Johnson

In the meadow’s gentle cradle she twirls,
A goddess in the sunlit swirls.
Beneath the vast and azure dome,
Her dance, a hymn of nature’s poem.
Soft grass cradles her nimble feet,
A tapestry of green, a cushion sweet.
The sky above, a canvas blue,
Each pirouette a tale anew.
Her silhouette, a grace untold,
A symphony in green and gold.
The forest’s edge, a silent crowd,
In hushed reverence, they’re endowed.
Tall trees stand like guardians wise,
Whispering secrets ‘neath the skies.
Leaves applaud in the rustling breeze,
Nature’s ballet among the trees.
Sunlight weaves through branches high,
Casting shadows where dreams may lie.
The goddess spins, a radiant sprite,
Embracing day, kissing the night.
In this meadow, a sacred trance,
She dances, lost in nature’s dance.
A goddess in the soft grass sways,
A celebration of eternal days.